Art is beautiful in all it's forms.

Digital media became my outlet to express and release my creativity


When childhood dream jobs become a reality.

What started as a hobby had suddenly become my home and pursuit of career.


About Me



Kaila Nicole is a multi-faceted creative who is best known as Kainico on social media.

Having always felt passionate about computers, creating pretty images, and bringing characters to life it was hard to decide what career path to choose from.

Instead of restricting herself to just one career, she decided to go for what she was most enamored by. 

On one side, the pursuit of creating graphic images for Social Media, User Experience, Branding, and anything else willing to explore.

Then on the other, the development and exploration of manipulating the voice to bring characters for video games, audio books, animations, and all the other wonders of voice acting, to life for viewers to feel as the character does.